The Lake Newell Resort Community Association acts as the Hamlet advisory board and we are the liaison to the County of Newell. This board oversees some of the common interests of the Resort such as garbage, common maintenance, porta potties, and County services. The board consists of 2 reps from each of the 5 blocks.


The 5 blocks consist of Blue Heron (Block 1), Kingfisher Estates (Block 2), Kingfisher Bay (Block 3), White Pelican (Block 4) and Sandpiper Estates (Block 5). 


The representatives from each block are:


Brent Van Metre and Cam MacNaughton, Blue Heron – Block 1

None Currently, Kingfisher Estates – Block 2

Blair McAllister and Bill Horton – Kingfisher Bay – Block 3

Tom Mossing and Richard Gette, White Pelican – Block 4

Holly Hafso and Bill Endersby, Sandpiper Estates – Block 5


Hamlet Treasurer, Starla Smith


Please contact your hamlet board for a copy of meeting minutes.